Wedding Gown Preservation

If your wedding is one of the most cherished days, your wedding gown can be regarded as the most precious possessions of your life. It is a symbol of an important event after all and should be treated with special care. Whether you borrow it or purchase it new, your gown deserves your attention both before the wedding and afterward. Provided you want to hand it down to your next generation or to enjoy and share your gown for years to come, wedding gown preservation would be one thing which great attention should be paid.

Proper wedding gown preservation will safeguard your gown for many years. Here are a few wedding gown preservation tips. First, your gown should be cleaned as soon as possible. The longer that stains set in the dress the harder it will be to remove. Soil and impurities left on fabric will hasten the aging process and will make the fabric weakened and yellow. In that case, you need to select a professional and experienced cleaning company to help you out. Second, the gown must be packaged. It is said that the material needs to breathe. According to the curators of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC, wedding gown preservation should be done in an acid-free box or on a hanger, which is designed to provide long-term protection for preserving your wedding dress and takes very little room in your closet. You can purchase these materials from the internet, office supply stores or the dry cleaner. Keep in mind that plastic must not be used to store your dress. It can discolor or destroy your dress. Avoid using boxes with cellophane windows, because they can cause damage to your dress by allowing light to discolor it. Finally, you need to know where to keep the box in your house. You need to protect your gown from humidity and extreme temperature changes. Of course, the basement and the attic are not suitable for your wedding gown preservation. I recommend you to store your dress in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight. You had better inspect the gown at least once a year. In fact, four times a year is ideal with each change of season. This will give early warning of any developing trouble while corrective measures are possible.

If you feel it is too complicated for you do all these things by yourself, you may choose a company you can trust and depend on, specialized in wedding gown preservation and restoration. Their preservation specialists will carefully examine each gown upon receipt, inspecting for stains, tears, bead damage, yellowing and other details to determine how to best clean it. The cleaning and preserving process will be completed in 2 weeks after it is received. After safely cleaning, they will gently shape and package your gown into an acid-free archival box. Most companies give you the assurance that your gown is protected and will remain as lovely as your memories. Besides you can inspect your gown at any time. Generally speaking, wedding gown preservation costs anywhere from 150 to 500 dollars, depending on the level of services you require and the type of dress you purchased.

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