Wedding Dress with Jacket

Choosing A Wedding Dress With Jacket

If you plan to have a fall or winter wedding, consider a wedding dress with jacket to ward off the chill. There are many different designs for a wedding dress with jacket. In fact, it does not have to be fall or winter for you to consider wearing a wedding dress with jacket. Some jackets are made of thin material and therefore suitable for summer or spring weddings. Some jackets are also small enough to look like shrugs, stoles or boleros. These can really accentuate a bride’s waist and the gown as well.

Why Choose a Wedding Dress with Jacket

One of the primary reasons why a bride chose to wear a wedding dress with jacket is that the day of her wedding is chilly. Usually, jackets designed to ward off the chill can cover the entire bodice of your wedding gown, so the jackets are often made with embellishment to look sophisticated to ensure that it can be worn in and out of church.

It could be that she is partial to jackets or partial to the design which happens to have a jacket with it. Jackets can easily leave the unfavorable parts as large shoulders or arms, a growing belly undefined. A wedding dress with jacket can also cover the less conservative gown underneath for the benefit of some conservative priests and family members.

Other reasons why some brides chose to wear a wedding gown with jacket may be because it complements the gown so well and does not even appear to be a jacket at all. Some jackets are made of very fine material and can be considered as the top of the gown. Others definitely look like a jacket and can be taken off when the location of the wedding turns stuffy.

A wedding gown with jacket was all the rage a couple of decades ago and this design had a jacket with long sleeves and wide lapels. Some jackets are fitted to accentuate the waist of the bride while others are no more than boleros or shrugs that are very great complements to some gowns. Jackets need not look bulky and ill fitting because some designers integrate wedding gowns with jacket according to the trend.

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