Used Wedding Gowns

You have many fancy occasions when you can resort to a used dress. You can wear a used evening gown handed down by your mother during your prom. It is quite acceptable. However, wearing used wedding gowns was seldom viewed as glamorous in the past. It is, after all, the most important day of their lives. You would simply die of embarrassment if anyone finds out that you are wearing used wedding gowns since all brides want everything to be perfect. One decade ago, many brides felt horrified at the thought of wearing the used wedding gowns, but it is not actually the case nowadays for many women, who stand besides this practical idea.

Many brides who have a limited budget have the option of choosing to wear used wedding gowns. It seems there are as many ways to purchase used wedding gowns from the full service bridal salons, online discount stores like EBay, consignment shops, thrift shops, or borrowing a wedding gown from a friend.

Consignment shops are usually thought to be the same as thrift shops, but there are a couple of key differences. The items in the thrift shops are donated and the donor receives no compensation in return. In some cases, the merchandise is worn out or damaged. With a consignment shop, profits are split between the consignee and the shop. Usually, they w ill not take anything that is not in pristine condition. Due to this reason, you are likely to find satisfactory used wedding gowns in the latter.

If you do find a wedding gown at the consignment store, be sure it is the right dress for you. Many consignment shops do not accept returns of the used wedding gowns. Before paying for the dress, learn the consignment shop’s return policy, and remember to examine the used wedding gowns thoroughly, if possible, and you may even want the shop owner to look over the dress with you. Check every inch of the garment for rips, tears, stains and any other damage. Make an assessment as to whether or not this is the type of damage you can handle by bringing the gown to a tailor or dry cleaner. Depending on the type of damage, you may be able to negotiate a lower price. If the damage can not be repaired, there is no sense in buying the wedding dress, no matter how inexpensive it is.
If you are not so keen in having a new wedding gown, there are actually plenty of ways for you to find the dress of your dreams. No mater you buy it in the second handed stores or through the internet, you need not feel awkward at all for your decision since no one has to know where it was purchased or how much you paid. The important thing is to look beautiful on your special day. Wearing used wedding gowns does not mean you will not look special upon your wedding day. It just means you do not have to spend as much as other brides to do so.

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