Unique Wedding Gowns

Unique Wedding Gowns for Your Wedding Day

You, like most other brides-to-be, want your wedding day-the most important day in your life an original and unique one. How to make it? Wedding gowns are the central of a wedding, so the easiest way to make your big day one that guests will remember for years to come is to have a unique enough wedding gown. The followings are a few ideas on how to obtain a unique wedding gown, read on for the information you want.

Ideas for Unique Wedding Gowns

Wedding gowns from catalogs and stores usually have many items of similar cut or design. To get a gown that is totally unique and truly yours, it’s better to visit a designer and specify a design which you think is special enough and will suit you.

Some unique wedding gowns could be of different colors to make the gown stand out from the usual traditional white, ecru and off white gowns. Other ways to make really unique wedding gowns is to make themed gowns like a romantic island wedding theme.

Instead of traditional formal gown with full puffy skirt, heavy headpieces and long train, you are in your simple but elegant dress, with comfortable flat slippers, enjoying the beauty and soft wind on the island. That’s definitely unique.

Unique wedding gowns ideas can also be borrowed from nature. Gowns decorated with fresh flowers are truly unique wedding gowns. Also you can get inspiration from animals for fur lined gowns. You could also embellish your gown with lace or eyelet to make it more enchanting. Twisted metal with crystals and pearls can also be added to your wedding gown around the waist or to represent sleeves.

More ideas for unique wedding gowns are beautiful veils on simple dresses. The veils can be made of heavy lace and long enough to make a train. See Through veils can also be made one of a kind by adding seed pearls and smaller pearls or crystals to make the veil the center of the dress. The edges of the veil can also be embellished with lace or pearls to make it look like a cathedral veil.

Unique wedding gowns need not be expensive as long as you know how to decorate them or add embellishments on them. Sometimes, it is not the design but the embellishment that makes your wedding gowns unique.

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