Silver Wedding Dress

Silver Wedding Dress: Getting Married In Style

Just as the silver color-shining and unusual, a silver wedding dress is different and striking. It is an adventurous choice for first time brides since it stray far from the traditional white or ivory. But for brides who want to accent their wedding gowns with a particular stunning color, it is a very good choice.

Why Choose a Silver Wedding Dress

The choice of a silver wedding dress could be because the bride prefers the color silver and wants to get married in one. Other reasons could be that the wedding’s motif is silver and the bride wants her dress to complement the motif or the silver wedding dress could be a family heirloom that she wishes to wear on her big day.

Another reason why the bride chooses to wear a silver wedding dress is that she might be celebrating her silver wedding anniversary. The 25th year of marriage is the year that is considered as the silver wedding anniversary. Silver is just the color for the celebration of the 25th year. Brides who wish to celebrate their 25th year by renewing their vows can wear a silver wedding dress, if they want.

Just as unique as other colored wedding gowns, a silver wedding dress is really a unique one. Are you one of those who are striving to make your wedding dress as unique as possible? If yes, choose a silver wedding dress, then you will surely make what you want be a reality. You will just have to bear in mind that it could make you look heavier than you really are because of its shine. Also it will shine too much when the cameras flash.

The Most Important Thing-You Are Happy

Brides who prefer this kind of wedding dress will not mind the extra care they will encounter as long as they get what they want. For most women, a wedding is a time to make their dreams come true and the wedding dress is like the icing on the cake. Brides are the center of attention on wedding days and they will certainly shine as they walk down the aisle in their silver wedding dress.

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