Short Wedding Dresses

It is traditional to wear a floor-length wedding dress. However, a lot of brides these days are deciding that they want to skip out on all the muss and fuss of a regular, big-shot wedding and just keep things simple. They just want an informal wedding dress and a quiet wedding that will be relaxed and comfortable. Informal and short wedding dresses are chosen primarily by those women who are looking for something sweet and simple, something comfortable and yet elegant and sophisticated at the same time.

Short wedding dresses or cocktail wedding dress is best for summer season which impresses an informal theme. In line with the weather, long dresses will probably be too heavy while summer temperature may rise to unbelievably high levels during a summer wedding out in the garden. To help you manage to tolerate the unbearable heat, short wedding dresses with light, flowing fabric would be the best choice. This is why short wedding dresses will work well for a summer wedding. Because short wedding dresses are usually worn in a beach or garden wedding, citrus colors and baby colors are widely used, such as orange, lemon and lime, carnation pink, light green and other playful and bubbly shades and hues.

A style and design which shows the positive aspects of your figure would be the best choice. The perfect wedding dress will disguise and draw attention from your least favorite parts and highlight the best. In addition, the style should be appropriate for the ceremony. A tea-length wedding dress where the hemline ends midway between the knee and the mid-calf can make you look younger. A white organza princess-silhouette wedding dress at this length will look heavenly with high heels. Also, if you have sexy long legs that you are proud of, short wedding dresses can be very appealing.

Short wedding dresses are also suitable if you are planning a romantic beach or destination wedding. Non-traditional beach weddings are considered much more informal than their church counterparts. Full formal skirt and puffy headpieces are not required. An informal beach wedding dress can be both casual and comfortable yet at the same time look classy and elegant for your special day. A sleek, casual style of short wedding dresses does not mean your day will be any less special or glamorous than that of a church wedding, it only means you want to go with a different type of dress.

If you decide to wear a short gown, please keep in mind the overall formality of your wedding. Very short wedding dresses such as mini-skirts are not particularly encouraged for this occasion unless the bride has sexy legs to walk down the aisle with. Remember, wedding gowns nowadays is not restricted to formal style. Wearing a short wedding dress is up to you as long as you know how to play with style and remain elegant and fabulous on your big day.

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