Shopping for Vintage Wedding Gowns – What to Remember

Within so many different styles of wedding gowns out there to choose from, the vintage style is one in particular that is really gaining in popularity. Vintage wedding gowns offer your wedding so much elegance and class and really compliment you the most.

If you are one of the many blushing brides out there who really love vintage wedding gowns and want to wear one on your special day, then there are a few things you need to think about first.

The Rules

It’s important to think about the following rules when selecting a vintage style gown.

For one, avoid dresses with stains or large rips. It’s extremely difficult to get stains out of dresses, let alone the ones on dresses that have been in for years.

Also, stay away from dresses with holes or rips. It’s very difficult or even impossible to have them fixed. Since vintage fabrics are typically different from their regular counterparts, it will be incredibly hard for you to find material that will match the gown satisfactorily.

Another important rule to remember is that you are generally not going to be the same size in a vintage dress as you are in a regular one since people today are generally getting taller and thicker yet the clothing sizes gradually being adjusted downward. Therefore, to fit a vintage style dress properly, you will usually need to go at least a couple sizes up.

Of course, something too old is definitely unwelcome because fabric deteriorates over time. Careful examination on the fabric for any flaws should be done when looking for vintage clothing of any sort. Basically anything made before 1900 is too risky to purchase, and doubtlessly too risky for your wedding day.


Although buying vintage can usually save you quite a bit of money, especially when compared to purchasing a regular one, it’s still necessary to set up a budget. It allows you to have a basic idea of which gown is in your price range and which one the possibility of spending more than you intend to.

Have fun in your shopping

Remember to have fun when you are out there, and shopping for vintage clothing can really be a lot of fun because the outfits are so unique and beautiful.

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