Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

Finding clothes can be a frustrating experience for any full-figured woman, so it is understandable to feel finding the right dress and the right fit can be a challenge when it comes to plus size bridesmaid dresses. Less than a decade ago, the size and selection of plus size bridesmaid dresses were so limited that it could be a major factor in whether or not a bride invited one of her friends to be in her wedding. But the anxiety, the hurt feelings, and that test of true friendship can finally be put to rest now that there are more options in buying plus size bridesmaid dresses than ever before. There are many manufacturers who make dresses in plus sizes. Designers like Champagne Formals, Bill Levkoff, and New Image are just a few of the names making dresses in a wider range of sizes.

The idea of shopping for a plus-size wedding dress is not as daunting as you may felt if you get to know the basic rule of purchasing the dresses. Here are some easy tips to make sure you find the perfect plus size bridesmaid dresses for your friend. First, know exactly the shape and figure of your bridesmaid if you want to find a dress that is best for her. Generally speaking, an a-line shape is flattering to curvier figures, as it can skim over hips. A v-neckline on a busty woman can add a beautiful contrasting line. Avoid full ball gown skirts and tea-length gowns as they can add to an overall roundness and tend to make women look squatter. As for the shopping place, you might start out at one of the larger retail chains, like David’s Bridal. Besides, you can also look at department stores, and at designers who specialize in plus size bridesmaid dresses. The key point for you to make the choice is being comfortable because the most beautiful dress will not look so beautiful if they are stressed, or tugging. Make sure your bridesmaid can move, talk, and dance in your dress with ease. If nothing for sale fits your desire and requirement, you can pick out the material and the pattern and have someone sew the dresses for your bridesmaid. In general, buying the material and patterns will be less expensive than buying dresses already made and sold in bridal stores. Your local fabric store should carry patterns for bridesmaid dresses, but you may have a look at the patterns for regular dresses. In this way, you might be able to find a dress pattern that your bridesmaid could also wear again in the future.

There are some extremely attractive plus size bridesmaid dresses on the market these days. I did allot of searching online for my sister’s bridesmaids dresses, and three of her friends were in the plus size category. I was so pleased to find a gorgeous and economically priced plus size bridesmaid dress. At my sister’s wedding, the bigger bridesmaids were stunning and they both felt sexy and super attractive. It really was a special occasion for all concerned.

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