Perfect Wedding Gowns For Your Perfect Day

Let me start off by saying… Congratulations on your engagement. I know there are a lot of things that get into planning “the big day”. Your bridal gown will be an important part of your memorable experience. As your wedding day draws near, however, you find it not an easy task to find the ultimate right gowns. It is hard to transform the dress from their dreams to a dress in a store.

Choose the right style of dress

The right wedding gowns are crucial to create a perfect look for you. The first step in finding your right wedding gown is to select the right style for you. Here are five basic styles of wedding gowns, all beautiful and elegant. Choose a style that fits your personality, flatters your body type, and will make you feel like a princess on your wedding day. The A-line dress (sometimes called “princess dresses”) is one of fashion’s most enduring and flattering styles. It is a dress or skirt silhouette that is narrower at the top, flaring gently wider toward the bottom thereby resembling the letter A. It works well on most figure types; good for disguising bottom-heavy figures.

A line dress


Another popular style of wedding gowns is the ball gown. A ball gown is a type of long dress that is fitted at the bodice, with a very full skirt. The ball gown looks best on average height to taller women, as the full skirt visually cuts the body in half. However, the ball gown is a very forgiving style, hiding everything from tummies to full hips and legs.

Ball Gown 1 Ball Gown 2Ball Gown 3


The third style of wedding dress is an empire dress, which features an empire waistline. An empire waist line is raised above the natural waistline, sometimes as high as right below the bust. It is a classic and beautiful wedding gown style and is Best on slender-on-top or petite figures, the empire dress creates the illusion of length and camouflages a bottom-heavy figure or thick waist.

Empire Dress

A more modern style is the sheath or column dress . A sheath dress features a figure-hugging silhouette with a defined waist (no belt or waistband). This short (mid-calf or shorter) dress works well in sleeveless styles on smaller brides.

sheath or column dress

Finally, there is the mermaid style of wedding gown. The mermaid dress is close fitting through the bodice, down through the hips and to about mid or lower calf where the skirt flares out. As sexy as this is, it’s not an easy dress to wear unless you have an athletic or slim build because this dress actually adds curves.

Mermaid Dress

Necklines and Sleeves

All five styles support different necklines and sleeves; you can mix and match to find the dress that looks best on you. Bateau, halter, scoop, square, and v-neck necklines all make for beautiful wedding gowns. Try on dresses with a variety of necklines to see what flatters your features the best. The sleeve length also influences the overall look of your gown. When selecting the sleeves for your wedding dress, It is rather important to have a consideration of the time of day and the season in which you will be married. While sleeveless or strapless gowns are now considered appropriate year-round, long or three quarter length sleeves are not well-suited for a wedding held on a summer afternoon.

Some of this may be determined by when you are getting married (long sleeves might not be comfortable for a summer wedding!) or where you are getting married (some churches do not allow strapless dresses). Strapless dresses are extremely popular right now. Spaghetti straps and sleeveless designs also make beautiful wedding gowns. You can also find beautiful wedding gowns with short sleeves, ¾ length sleeves, and long sleeves. Anyway, choose the necklines and sleeves that work with who you are and how you feel.



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