Elegant Wedding Gowns

A Classic Look – The Elegant Wedding Gown

While some people plan to get married on a beach or have a destination wedding, some others opt for a classic, elegant wedding. An elegant wedding gown which is less ornate, but still gorgeous and sexy for their most romantic day would be their preference.

An Elegant Wedding Gown

An elegant wedding gown is a classic style with clean lines and simple details. They are usually a-line dresses with plain skirts and long trains. Even most trendy dresses designed by some famous designers are featured elegant design that has a timeless look. The elegant wedding gowns designed by Vera Wang, one of the most popular designers are often very expensive, but still the most popular ones. Their timeless beauty makes the investment worthwhile. Priscilla from Boston and Herrera from Carolina also design beautiful elegant wedding gowns.

Elegant Accessories and Jewelry

You should have elegant accessories to match your elegant gown. The traditional wedding jewelry—pearlsthey are often presented to the bride as a wedding gift by the groomcan perfectly pair with a classic elegant wedding gown. Heirloom jewelry also can accessorize your elegant wedding gown perfectly. Wearing your grandmother’s necklace or bracelet is not only a good way to honor her but also a way to incorporate your wedding with something old or borrowed. Other accessories that will complement your elegant wedding gown are classic satin shoes, small diamond earrings, and a small satin bag etc.

Elegant Hair and Makeup

An elegant wedding gown should also be paired with an elegant hairstyle. A classic hair piece with a plain veil (with or without white ribbon piping at the bottom) will accentuate your dress. Your hairstyle will depend a lot on your hair type and length. Classic styles, such as a French twist or simple loose curls, usually pair with an elegant wedding gown perfectly. Simple, natural makeup is the best—you want your guests look at you, not your makeup.

Planning Your Elegant Wedding

The publication of Elegant Brides has made it easier to plan a wedding. The magazine focuses on how to plan a classic and elegant wedding. Articles on topics such as fashion, music, cakes, and flower arrangements all make planning your wedding a snap.

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