Design Your Own Wedding Dress

To truly have a dress that is yours and yours alone, consider designing the wedding dress yourself. You would probably be intimidated by the thought of this idea, especially if the fact is that you have no previous design or craft skills. However, you do not actually need any sort of special talent to design your own wedding dress and it can be a very simple process if you outline clearly what you want and make a full preparation. Interested in this idea now? Read on for more.

How to Design Your Own Wedding Dress

Step One

Find a designer who is going to work with you. In fact, the best idea is to make this the first thing you do so that the designer will be there to help you in every step of the process. You need to start off by telling the designer what kind of style you want: modern, elegant, classy, sexy, traditional and so on.

Step Two

Have a visit of some different bridal shops before you start and better to bring the designer along with you, if possible. Your professional designer can help you determine what styles suit you and flatter you the most. Additionally, you may come up with some really great ideas for your own dress in these shops.

Step Three

Choose a color. Do you have to wear white? ….No! Though white is the standard and traditional color, wedding dresses in every color of the rainbow are available today. Go for some more popular options: soft pink, purple, pale gold, and black. Choose the one that makes your skin gorgeous and compliments the style of your wedding.

Step Four

Take measurements. Once the style and color are determined, your designer is going to take your measurements to have you fitted for the dress so that they can begin working on it.

Advantages You Will Gain

Surly you will benefit a lot from designing your own wedding dress and the major one is that you will have exactly what you want and know it will be totally unique. You are able to communicate with the creator of the dress every step of the way and get to actually watch the dress being built, thus if at any point there is something that you are not completely satisfied with, you are able to make the appropriate changes.

What’s more, the custom-made dress will fit you better than any other off-the-rack dress in bridal shops, thus flatter your shape as much as possible.


A budget is absolutely essential in the process of designing your own dress. Costs can easily spiral out of control, and if you don’t document them, you may end up paying for more for your dress than you planned. By setting up a budget, you will have something to stick to, thus will be less likely spend more than you need to.

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    Designing your own dress is really an interesting job, you should contact some expert designers to help you in this task.

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