Colored Wedding Gowns

Colored wedding gowns are now acceptable in society though the more conventional white or off-white gowns are still more common. It used to be that just the bridesmaids can wear colored gowns but now, modern brides also prefer to wear the color that they like most to express themselves fully.

Two Kinds of Colored Wedding Gowns

There are two kinds of colored wedding gowns, the solid colored gowns and the ones that have only portions colored. The solid colored gowns are those that are fully made of one solid color with maybe some little color splashes. These colored wedding gowns are pretty much the same as traditional wedding gowns except for their colors. Trains and veils along with many other embellishments and accessories can be made by designers to create the perfect solid colored wedding gown. The gowns which have portions colored are those that are still traditional white or ecru yet with some portions being colored. It could be the band around the waist that is of a different color or the full bodice that is colored. Other possible colored portions are the hem or the sleeves.

People always tend to forget the ordinary, traditional wedding gowns which are white or ecru or any other version of cream. But the unique, stunning colored wedding gowns are so eye-catching that the wedding will surly be a memorable one. Usually, the colored wedding gowns complement the color motif. For example, a burgundy wedding dress would mean that your color motif is burgundy.

Color Matching

The wedding dress with a color matching with the invitations and flowers decorating your wedding can be very photogenic. Photographers like to take pictures of similar colors of various shades since these look pretty good on pictures. The color of the colored wedding dress should also compliment that of the bridesmaid dresses and the color coordination will assuredly look great in your wedding pictures.

The selection of a colored wedding gown is easy with many styles available in the local bridal stores and online shops. Maybe you are one of those who might not like colored wedding gowns and considering them too informal or inappropriate for the biggest event in your life. But that’s ok, it’s your wedding and you’re paying for it. You definitely deserve to be happy with the dress style for your most special day. No matter what type you will opt for, it’s all about what makes you look and feel beautiful.

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