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Red Wedding Dresses

The symbolic meaning of the white wedding gown begins to fade into the past, some brides opt for a dress that is more true to their own self-expression or of something they believe in. Many brides today loves to marry red wedding dresses. Increasingly common in Europe in the last decade, red wedding dresses are [...]

Maternity Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress is no doubt the most important part for each bride. However, pregnant brides may have completely different considerations when choosing a wedding dress. In fact, being pregnant does not mean those mothers-to-be have to sacrifice style or single out their wedding gowns within very limited choices. Simply on account of you being pregnant, [...]

Wedding Dress with Jacket

Choosing A Wedding Dress With Jacket If you plan to have a fall or winter wedding, consider a wedding dress with jacket to ward off the chill. There are many different designs for a wedding dress with jacket. In fact, it does not have to be fall or winter for you to consider wearing a [...]

Informal Wedding Dress – Comfortable but Elegantf

Informal Wedding Dresses Informal wedding dresses are chosen primarily by women who are looking for something sweet and simple, something comfortable and casual, but still gorgeous and elegant for their special days. These dresses do not in any way need to be ornate and elaborate, but rather be unpretentious and graceful. More and more modern [...]

Informal Beach Wedding Dress

Casual but elegant beach wedding dresses If you are planning a romantic beach destination wedding, you may be happier with a dress that is less formal. Non-traditional beach weddings are considered much more informal than their church counterparts. Full formal skirt and puffy headpieces are not required. Instead, a sleek, casual style is called for. [...]

Winter Wedding Gowns Make Your Romantic Day

Like the perfect man, a romantic winter wedding dress is hard to find It is a great idea to have a winter wedding because winter is the most dreamlike, romantic season of the year. Just imagine you and your perfect man are marrying in white snow world, does it make you excited? If you happen [...]