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Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Now that celebrity wedding dresses express a bride’s personality as well as hopes and dreams, they are the most important dresses a woman will ever buy and are essential parts in the wedding ceremony. Celebrities turn out to be at the forefront of wedding dress fashion these days. Therefore, well-designed celebrity wedding dresses seen on [...]

Red Wedding Dresses

The symbolic meaning of the white wedding gown begins to fade into the past, some brides opt for a dress that is more true to their own self-expression or of something they believe in. Many brides today loves to marry red wedding dresses. Increasingly common in Europe in the last decade, red wedding dresses are [...]

Princess wedding gowns

Every bride has the right to feel like a princess on her wedding day, that is why princess wedding gowns are always the focusing subjects of many a young girl’s dreams. They are longing for a beautiful wedding gown with diamonds sparkling like stars, and tiara crowns of pearl, crystal or rhinestone, which are just [...]

Wedding Dress Designer

Finding the Right Wedding Dress Designer Choosing the wedding dress is one of the most important aspects in your wedding planning. Every bride should be completely satisfied and in love with her gown, so it is very important that she choose the right wedding dress designer to make it. The Options When it comes to [...]

Wedding Dress Alterations

Wedding Dress Alterations: Making Your Dress Perfectly Fit You To alter a wedding dress to make it smaller is relatively easy, while a great difficulty to make a wedding dress bigger. That’s why most bridal shops order your dress slightly larger than you would expect. Of course, you want your wedding dress to fit you [...]

Unique Wedding Gowns

Unique Wedding Gowns for Your Wedding Day You, like most other brides-to-be, want your wedding day-the most important day in your life an original and unique one. How to make it? Wedding gowns are the central of a wedding, so the easiest way to make your big day one that guests will remember for years [...]

Red Wedding Dress

Unique Red Wedding Dress Your wedding day is a special time that you, your family and friends will look back upon and cherish for many years to come. You want this day a unique and memorable one. One way to make your big day stand out is to be in a red dress on your [...]

Colored Wedding Gowns

Colored wedding gowns are now acceptable in society though the more conventional white or off-white gowns are still more common. It used to be that just the bridesmaids can wear colored gowns but now, modern brides also prefer to wear the color that they like most to express themselves fully. Two Kinds of Colored Wedding [...]

Design Your Own Wedding Dress

To truly have a dress that is yours and yours alone, consider designing the wedding dress yourself. You would probably be intimidated by the thought of this idea, especially if the fact is that you have no previous design or craft skills. However, you do not actually need any sort of special talent to design [...]

Perfect Wedding Gowns For Your Perfect Day

Let me start off by saying… Congratulations on your engagement. I know there are a lot of things that get into planning “the big day”. Your bridal gown will be an important part of your memorable experience. As your wedding day draws near, however, you find it not an easy task to find the ultimate [...]